Honoring Our Veteran - Preserving Our Freedom 

The American Patriots History Association (APHA) is a nonprofit volunteer organization registered in the State of Colorado.  Our primary goal is to identify and interview as many veterans and support personnel as possible who are willing to participate in the Veterans History Project (VHP), part of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and the National Archives.  History needs to be written by those who were there. 

Every veteran receives a free DVD copy of their interview

Locally, APHA:

  •   Uses our interviews for educational programs and events
  •   Shares these stories with the media as a way to honor our Colorado veterans
  •   Develops TV documentaries and historical lecture series


Help us capture and preserve Colorado veteran stories by sending your generous contribution to APHA, PO Box 1273, Littleton, CO 80160-1273, or by donating on our website.

What Happens To Your Interview

Locally, APHA uses our veteran interviews for educational programs and events, and also shares veteran stories with the media as a way of honoring our Colorado heroes.  We also create TV documentaries and historical lecture series.

A free copy of their interview is give to the veteran to share with family and friends.

A copy of each interview is sent to the Veterans History Project (VHP) at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and the National Archives. These interviews and any memorabilia become valuable resource materials available to the public, scholars, students, and anyone else visiting the Library of Congress. 

Visit the Library of Congress website at www.loc.gov/vets


APHA’S Interview Process

Pre-Interview:  The APHA volunteer who will do the interview meets with the veteran in their home for a pre-interview conversation.  During this time, the veteran and the interviewer have an opportunity to get to know one another, and the interviewer becomes familiar with the story the veteran wishes to share. 

APHA has no political or social agenda!  The veteran decides what they are comfortable talking about and how their story unfolds. Our volunteers are trained to ask open ended questions as a way to prompt the veteran through their story.

Interview:  On the day of the interview, the APHA interviewer and camera person arrive at the veteran’s home. While the camera is being set up, the interviewer and the veteran have an opportunity to go over what the veteran is comfortable talking about. At any time during the filming, the veteran may change his or her mind about what stories they wish to share.  They are also free at any time to ask that filming stop.

APHA films the interview, plus takes still photos of memorabilia.

APHA asks that no family members, including spouses, be present during the interview.  This allows the veteran to be fully focused on what they want to say without distraction. Our goal is to capture the best possible interview in the veteran’s own words.